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© Antonia Talayeh


WHolistic Transpersonal Healing

Radical Inclusion of Whole Being

Antonia Talayeh



Antonia is an intuitive healer, energy worker and facilitator of transformational journeys.  

Creating sacred space, she guides you with exceptional safety and security throughout your paradigm shifts, implementing mindfulness and loving presence as the basis of her process work together with you.

She holds you with love, compassion, grace and skill in becoming fully realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart’s intuition, and guideing you towards actualizing your highest potential.

Antonia has been working and facilitating deep meditation journeys for many years, using various modalities. She has traveled and worked internationally, working in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers, and nature, continuing her evolution with the Red Road Path.


In our work together, we practice being in a state of mindfulness. From here, you have the innate capacity to heal yourself.

I will help reflect and guide as you shift your current paradigm to make way for you to be in your full expression. Fully and lovingly, embracing and exploring, the feelings, thoughts, emotions, somatic resonance, dilemmas, joys and choices facing you.

We go deep in order to find your core imprint. Within those beliefs there's deeper truth, helping you to gain clarity and direction.

We experiment with viewpoints and find inspired action. We can create pathways and a detailed plan to get you on your way of living an un-compromised life.

Discover creative resolutions, Stepping into what unconditional love feels like, liberating you, motivating you, inspiring you and y-our world.

 Integrating Peak Experiences

Online Zoom Meetings

Here is a place where we, as a community, can re-connect, be vulnerable, be held, in full authenticity, undefended, supported, seen & heard.

A place to co-create and grow.

A place we listen, share experiences, share tools, reflections, and hold/see one another in the divine perfection we are. 
Always, Within a safe and sacred container, with agreed permission and in flow, I will offer opportunities for self discovery work with those in our group to to explore and learn.

As a collective, those called to join the circle have cosmic commonalities in the thematics of what we are working on healing or clarifying. 





  Home and Space Clearing 

* Purge

* Declutter

* Organize

* Redecorate

* Re-Invent 

* Revive

* Receive

* Build an alter

* Learn how to do a home blessing and maintain a energetically clean space

Articles and Resources about Healing