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Retreating; The Antidote to Finding Balance

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Awakening Retreats

Getting to the heart of us.

How can we be free of denial, addiction, contraction, and stuckness and not just survive, but truly thrive?

How can we innovate and source resolutions to the issues we are faced with, personally and globally easily?

How do we release the stories of our own and collective suffering and bring forth new and powerful stories that truly, factually, and intuitively make heartfelt sense?

How can we live in alignment with our true principles and values, honoring and respecting ourselves and all of life?

When we are freed up and awake we can make new choices, tell new sober, functional, joyous stories and live the new possibilities we didn’t even know existed. This is a challenging and powerful time, full of opportunity and possibility.

We all need new ways of being, functioning and experiencing to co-create and navigate this era and to add value and meaning to ours and others lives and to All of Life on this beautiful planet Earth.

On these Retreats we provide safe space for questioning and expanding on one’s creative source. We do this by offering yoga, musical and sound experiences, primordial meditation techniques, traditional & communing with sacred knowledge.

Retreats are a collective for healing, inspiration, creativity and transformation. Here we will experience and share holistic healing sessions, workshops and Sacred Deep Healing Ceremonies.

Upon incarnating into a physical body, we experience an occultation of awareness and forget who we are. Then social conditioning and biological impulses graft a false identity upon us that is in total discord with our true spiritual nature.

Many people wear this false identity for life and fail to recognize and fulfill their true reasons for incarnating. But for others, intuition and experiences help them realize that there is more to life than the material world.

Throughout life these individuals experience higher impulses guiding them toward becoming lucid in this dream, while simultaneously lower impulses beckon them toward sleep.

For those who consistently listen and make conscious space to their higher impulses, inner and outer life transforms and begins to operate under divine instead of material laws, removing limitations of the latter and opening up new possibilities.

This is the process of transcention, using higher laws to override lower ones by developing and purifying one’s internal nature to resonate with higher realms of existence.

This is a prerequisite for fulfilling one’s potential.

We are here to guide you in helping to undo the powerful conditioning and unconscious programming that tell us our emotions are bad or our desires are selfish.

Empower yourself as you journey toward unconditional self-love.

We invite you to open your hearts, you fully experience each and every moment as opportunities to love yourself. The healing pathway to wholeness embraces the discarded parts of self which leads to a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Experiencing the Moment refers to witnessing the here and now, honoring what’s going on emotionally, understanding deeper needs and processing the inner experience. If a person has a low threshold for a certain emotion, say anger, it may be because of an innate value of tenderness that they’ll do anything to protect, even if it means numbing parts of their own bodies .

As we are more aware of how we can get into our denial addiction survival context. “difficult world” We give you the tools to be able to exercise mindfulness and observation as well as shadow work in healing those aspects that need healing.

When unconditional love permeates our guidance, experiencing the moment becomes a hotbed for transformation.

Looking forward to Sharing these profound experiences with you all.

Love, Blessings, and Gratitude


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