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1:1 Ontodelic Inquiry 30min

30 min sesh

  • 55 minutes
  • 80 US dollars
  • Online or in Person

Service Description

What you can expect? In Ontodelic Discovery, we are creating, supporting, and watering the conditions necessary for your internal truth and wisdom to be revealed. You will have the opportunity to learn experientially, through slowing down, through mindfulness, allowing the wisdom of your body, and sentience, to guide you as we bring full presence towards what needs attention. This unlocks held tension networks to move with the nature of what has been wanting to be seen and allowed, unfurled and for deeper insights remembrances and whole-ings (as opposed to healing ;) to arise. Working inside of inquiry, you develop a heightened awareness of your internal state and learn to witness and experience thoughts, emotions, memories and bodily sensations or 'parts' as they arise. This way of engaging deepens and supports the revelations of core unconscious material quite rapidly and safely. In this kind of inquiry, you can cultivate both deeper and more expanded states of consciousness whilst gaining wisdom and trust in your truth and unfurling.  You will have a direct experience of body-mind integration. Emotional stress is stored in the cellular memory and in the body tension networks. Suffering may manifest as chronic tension, repetetive patterns of thought, habitual or automatic behaviours/ survival strategies, or illness. I will hold you and midwife you in the truth of what is being brought forth in the moment.  I like to incorporate the medicine wheel (nature and the human soul- Bill Plotkin) and bring in elements of prayer, intentions and homework/ self study and ritual to support you in integrating and stitching your discoveries into your life.  The session will be lead by you; we will discuss and uncover what is alive in young what you are willing to share. I will never push you in anyway. I may share insights that come thorough for me, I may share suggestions that may or may-not be helpful to you.  There is a 15min grace period, if you arrive 15 minutes late you will have a 40 min session instead of 55min. If you are later then 15minutes the session will be cancelled with no refund.  Missed session appointments can't carried forth to a new date without rescheduling and making a fresh appointment through Calendly. Email me or text me if you are having technical issues.  -------------------- Please allow 24 hours for cancellation or reschedule to use your investment for an alternative date.

Cancellation Policy

I'll send a zoom link right before the appointment. Please allow 24hrs to cancel in order to use your investment for the rescheduled time.

Contact Details

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