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Couples Counseling-Click for Description

  • 1 hour
  • 181 US dollars
  • online or in person

Service Description

In this space together we will come to understand the behaviors, communication styles, core wounds, impulses to heal, needs & wisdoms of the soul. We will get deeper in touch with what behaviors and beliefs are bringing you closer and in the heart space, or further away and into the past or somewhere else. We will explore safety and experiment with traversing the many landscapes and neighborhoods within each of you that may be scary to travel on your own. Practicing non violence and supporting resistance, we have more space to understand the deeper worlds and family constellations we are living from, and what we may unconsciously be trying to prevent from happening, which is also the pangs and pains that invite us to release them and relate in new ways. By processing in front of each partner using mindfulness, body awareness, and little experiments, we get to explore the unmet needs, negative behaviors and the present desires of your relationship, individually and in the relationship We explore the third entity, energetically created by both your resonant energies combined and how to support that creativity, wholly, and in the embodiment of your polarities. Working together in practice with these tools we can gently access and talk about deep levels of tender experience, memory, and adaptive strategies We can step out of adversarial and into more vulnerable and collaborative interactions. Working together we can then integrate and practice new insights and behaviors, fine tuning and walking in the Grace that becomes you as you walk together.

Cancellation Policy

I'll send a zoom link right before the appointment. Please allow 24hrs to cancel in order to use your investment for the rescheduled time.

Contact Details

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