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One on One Coaching/Counseling Session

Manifestion Medicine - Makin in Happen

  • 55 minutes
  • 181 US dollars
  • Signal, Zoom, or In Person

Service Description

In our work together in the coaching Realm, I offer a Gaian approach to “Goal setting”. We take a personal inventory of needs, values, dreams, debts, "deficits" passions and the spaces between, to both heal deeply, work with blind spots, and also get rooted in a tangible action plan to live Fully, your life's work, your service, your offering, Your soul's will here in this lifetime. Step one - Exploration call or meeting to feel if we are a good match for your intentions. Step two - Fill out the areas of life intake, then schedule through here or Calendly. Step Three - We begin our work! I like to work session by session, as everyone's process's and needs vary and is totally unique. We can decide to book in advance, a certain amount of sessions in accord with our projected trajectory. ⁃ We will have already gained some clarity on what is the burning desire or “Goal” Or what inspired you to seek Coaching. We work with a structure and hold this intention in our focused work, and also allow space to not bypass something that may need more attention with regard to attaining any goal. ⁃ We will always work within the principals of Loving Presence, Mindfulness, Curiosity, Non Violence & Wholeness ⁃ We may work first work with core belief systems, adaptations, multi generational wounding, explore and understand the values and needs of those beliefs and strategies at work. ⁃ We begin to build a new relationship with parts of your being-ness, and heal what may need healing. We work within the principal of organicity in this, and uniquely processes what needs to be processed to reclaim lost parts, gain trust, rapport, and have newly nourishing experiences with the parts that may hold us back. ⁃ We begin to get a picture of what is being called of you through spirit and pedagogically begin to create a uniquely structured format and plan of action with specific steps. ⁃ We end the session with check ins and home work assignments to build what you are being called to build. Consistently checking in with spirit, engaging with the whole, co-creating unique rituals for you, and holding space for truth and your soul’s purpose to lead through the heart, Joyfully Celebrating all of the steps and successes in all the facets. PLEASE BOOK IN A 30 MIN EXPLORATION SESSION FIRST <3

Cancelation Policy

I'll send a zoom link right before the appointment. Please allow 24hrs to cancel in order to use your investment for the rescheduled time.

Contact Details

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