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One on One Session Click for description

Mindfulness based somatic assisted self discovery & Integration

  • 55 minutes
  • 181 US dollars
  • Online or in Person

Service Description

What you can expect in our work? Intention in our to hold a container of loving presence, non violence, wholeness, inclusivity and safety. These factors are key to our practice. I will not impose my beliefs, observations, or analysis, Although I may offer certain insights, you will always have the opportunity to decide for yourself, disagree, and/or ultimately sense what feels right or true for you. I am supporting and creating the conditions necessary for your internal wisdom to be revealed. You will have the opportunity to learn experientially what is true for you. For example, we discover the unconscious core beliefs that guide our conscious lives without our knowledge. I will not tell you what your core beliefs are or try to convince you, instead, you will experience these for yourself as they emerge safely and spontaneously in the course of the therapy. (Or, in a non-clinical application, such as movement work, you would experience spontaneously the nature of the movement that wants to arise from your body.) We will work in a meditative way, where you can develop a heightened awareness of your internal state, and learn to witness and an experience thoughts, emotions, memories and bodily sensations as they arise, and "parts" that may also arise. This way of deepening helps to access core unconscious material quite rapidly and safely. In this kind of journey work and soul reclamation, you can cultivate deeper spiritual states of consciousness. You will develop your understanding and experience of body-mind integration. Emotional stress is stored in the body and may manifest as chronic tension or illness. I will apply specific techniques to “access” these chronic patterns of tension, movement and posture as they can lead us to direct experience of core beliefs and the memories and experiences that generated them. We can also learn to read body language and structure to learn more about our unconscious adaptations informing our life experiences.

Cancelation Policy

I'll send a zoom link right before the appointment. Please allow 24hrs to cancel in order to use your investment for the rescheduled time.

Contact Details

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