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 Ontodelic Inquiry™
Assisted Self Discovery

Rediscover your deepest essence and inherent place amidst the larger whole as you step beyond your borders and
discover your deepest calling, both to
yourself and to the larger web of life.


Hi, I'm Antonia Vanoro

What is Ontodelic Inquiry?

Ontodelic Inquiry is a somatic modality, my Husband Roger & I cultivated, that explores the depths of our body, (soma), sentience, patterns, and being to efficiently complete cycles and reveal new ways of being.


What does ‘Ontodelic’ mean? Greek word ‘Ontos’ meaning "a being, individual; being, existence.” Delous in Greek means “to reveal, to shine forth, to make visible.” So an ontodelic is the revelation of being, the unfolding of being. And it carries a shared root with the word psychedelic, which is the revealing of the psyche. 


There are many ways to look at our experience,  and we hold several very important ways: psychological (developmental, many models, needs, relational), phenomonological (mythopoetic, signs), scientific (neuroscience, chemical map, brain map), shamanic (Medicine wheel), and metaphysical (chakras map, dimensions, energy). We ground our approach in all 5 and hold them all to be vital ways to interpret our experience and be able to hold the paradox of different views of experience being simultaneously true and yet even possibly contradictory and still both true.

Nature Background

Incarnation is a result of the intent to individualize

 in an organized form of manifestation, for the purpose of creating more individualized core essence, which can then be experienced as luminous emptiness without losing self, without getting lost in undifferentiated divine wholeness. To do this, you must first learn how to become a co-creator with the divine. Thus you must first learn how the divine creates. You must ask, “How does the divine create through me, a manifestation of the divine?” Here is the answer: The divine universe is a reciprocating universe. It is benign. It responds to your flowing creative current by becoming co-creator with you. If you stop your flowing creative current, the universe simply waits for you to allow it to flow again.” 

― Barbara Brennan

~ Rebecca, Medicine Woman. Divine Roots

" My work with Antonia took me through all the layers of my existence.  It was profound and deep to access the earthly and ancestral programs while at the same time feeling the support and information from above.  She deftly navigates the realms while you remain present in the now of the experience, moving and processing all that is.  I highly recommend Antonia for anyone who is ready to step into their next level of becoming. "

Charlie, Gro Strategies

''I feel like a different person after working with Antonia for just 2 sessions. Through our work, I was able to uncover and start to heal childhood wounds that I didn’t know I had, even after many years of talk therapy. Her deeply caring and intuitive approach made it very easy to share, connect and quickly get to the heart of the matter. I’m so grateful to have found her!''

Jeni, Healer, Somatic Therapist

Learning from a master is such an incredible privilege, and Antonia is a true master. She has such an impressive breadth of knowledge and wisdom. Every lecture, every question answered and every live session was vibrant and yielded so much learning on my part. I am beyond grateful to have had access to her both a teacher and a healer.  
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