Soul Guidance 

Transformational Sessions

What happens in our healing session?

Loving presence inevitably supports cultivating awareness,

working with the wisdom your body brings higher guidance & clarifies intuition... 

We practice BE-ing in a state of presence. As we organically flow with present experience we will move through the conscious and unconscious as we illuminate, reflect, reveal heal and reconsolidate memories. We follow what's emergent and any intentions or curiosities that surface from within your soul and in your field.

The body is a window into our unconscious belief systems. 

By exploring the implications of gestures, facial expressions, and other physical coordinates, we begin to build bridges between your embodied self and the psychodynamics that give rise to habitual, multi generational, and core patterns of behaviour and thought.

These new understandings foster changes in the way we relate to the multilayered traumatic patternings and survival strategies that you will become more and more conscious and aware of. You discover sources of inner tensions and bring these fragments of self into the sphere of wholeness of the body Self and soul. 

This kind of exploration and discovery brings wisdom and insight that help us forge new conceptions of self, other people, and reality itself. 

We are embracing and exploring, the feelings, thoughts, emotions, somatic resonance, dilemmas, values and choices facing you.

We go deep in order to find core adaptations beliefs and origins whilst in this discovery process, you are healing the past, present and future to realise and reconsolidate memory which create new pathways that validate new experience. Within our beliefs live deeper truths. Our process together I will help guide you to gain clarity which brings choice, and in choice, all is welcome, there is no wrong or right, only information.

'You can trust your own unfolding'

  • Understand how body awareness holds a vital key to healing.

  • Harness presence, creativity and wonder,  a natural medicine.

  • Realize your states of being and how they inform you of the values you have in place.

  • Learn tools to help you mindfully process and build awareness.

  • Experience multi level inter-dimensional healing while learning about, communicating with and growing in the waking dream.  

  • Build receptivity in relation to the body, being-ness and sensorial experiences and how that informs and works in tandem with the synchronisities in life.

  • Step into curios openness. 

  • Learn how depression and states are all dynamic and changing conditions that overlap with anxiety, trauma and substance abuse. 

  • understand the intelligence of behavioural patterning rooted in core traumas and core beliefs,

  •  Heal the root of  challenges, affecting mind, body, and soul.

  • Experience yourself and the world in a new way.


Hands Up

Roger and I offer monthly online (Zoom)

Community Support Sessions.

Cost: $15 suggested community contribution. No one is turned away!

 Monthy Meetings

Every 3rd Thursday of each month -



 How do we transition back into the world post peak experience? Maybe, through work with earth medicines or a profound transformational experience, we are changed. Truths revealed, traumas upheaved, maybe the medicine tells you there are actions you can take.

 Perhaps the feeling of loss of a sense of self arises...maybe introspection and retreat may be what you feel is healthy for you now ....

 How do we move forward in our reality feeling into this shift?

How do we cope with the feelings and dissonance that may come along with trying to live life with all the polarities and seemingly chaotic state of the world? 

Here is a place where we, as a community, can re-connect, in a place of full acceptance, in full authenticity, undefended, supported, seen & heard. A place where it's safe to be vulnerable,

A place to co-create and grow.

A place we listen, meet in the heart of presence, witness one another as we share experiences, golden nuggets and downloads, and bigger questions and curiosities bubbling and brewing. 

Shine light on all the edges the dark corners of beingness, speak of our dreams, hopes, challenges, victorys, joys, bliss’s, and fears. 

Always, Within a safe and sacred container, with agreed permission and in flow. We will offer opportunities for self discovery work with those in our group to to explore and learn from the deeper core beliefs / meanings and the revelations you've been bringing home from your peak experience / life / deaths / rebirths :)

As a collective, those called to join the circle that evening we always have some gracefully guided synchronistic commonalities and medicines to behold in the thematics of what we are working, discovering, healing or clarifying. 


An intentional space of choosing to spend devoted time with all of your self, and nature.


You will spend 3- 5 days with Roger and I. Your Metamorphosis will result in a quantum leap in your Consciousness and Life experience. Each day will be a day of expansion, Discoveries, learning, presencing and integration.

There will private sessions, yoga, meditation, consultations, readings, art therapy, shamanic journey work, earth time, advanced process tools and integration. You'll have personal open time to meditate, rest and to explore. 

This experience will be your “Personal Miracle”

Exploring and your personal intentions. We work with core material and somatic therapy as well as nature medicine, movement, breath work, art therapy and delicious food fresh from our farm. Enjoy your time breaking new grounds of expansion and personal empowerment.

We will co-design the 3-5-7 days with you and adjust if necessary as we go.

 You will have plenty of quiet and privacy. 


Shamanic Rebirthing Sessions


Consultation Required

 For rebirthing, we will have a series of Preliminary sessions which are preparatory sessions. We will discuss intentions, integration practices, ceremony, and a series of follow up therapeutic sessions. 

This kind of session includes somatic therapy, prayer/intention work, energy/body work, which support your soul retrieval. The most powerful tool I bring is an open and loving heart, and 20 years of experience and a willingness to support and travel with you wherever your soul and spirit will need for you to go in this process. This is the essence of what this work is about, words don’t express this powerful journey and the healing it brings from the inside out. 


The Rainbow Bridges

Retreats and Advanced Facilitation 
for Consciousness Raising Evolutionaries

Building Community Support for Conscious Spiritual Evolution


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