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People's Experiences

My work with Antonia has been nothing short of completely life transforming and soul shifting. She embodies a loving presence and container of safety of the highest level. Our therapeutic work together continues to allow for the unfolding of my life's purpose and soul's evolution at a profoundly accelerated rate. Antonia radiates pure love and wisdom. She is absolutely magic. I have learned so many invaluable tools from her guidance and teaching and our experiences together. I am beyond honored and blessed to have her in my life as a guide, friend and ally on the soul's journey! 

Matt R. Rhode Island 

In the last 5 months, I have been working on unlearning so many beliefs I adopted over the last few years because I believed I was unworthy. I was petrified of life and hardly felt safe under my own skin. I minimized myself religiously. I had no power. I had zero inspiration. I couldn't form a sentence. I couldn't write. I couldn't sing, and Im a singer.

I was mentally paralyzed. These were beliefs I strengthened of my own accord.

Somehow this goddess found me, Antonia Talayeh, and I am so blessed for her guidance. I love you.


- Global Citizen


Thank you again for such an amazing week. The love, healing and lessons you are bringing into this world and people's lives is nothing short of magic. I feel so blessed to have experienced it and am forever grateful. 


Until next time, aho!


Denver CO



 I can't wait until the next gathering that I will be able to see you and absorb your wisdom.  I have no words at the moment, yet I have so much to share with you.  I feel like there is an infinite amount of pure positive love and deep beauty that I am still trying to find the words to express.  All I can say right now is that I am so full of love, I am bursting at the seams.


Thank you for blessing me with your gifts.  I have so much love for you. 


Love love love, 




I just wanted to thank you again for this past weekend.  It was an amazing experience and I am so fortunate to have spent the weekend with such good friends.  The love and acceptance that you shared with us was an amazing experience in itself and I cannot begin to say how much that has impacted my experience.  Each day has brought some new thoughts.  
Breath. Meditate. Yoga.
Feel connected.  Friends, family, nature, experience. Share. are amazing.  You’re acceptance and encouragement, from the moment we arrived was amazing.  The knowledge you shared and the investment you made in each of us is beyond what I expected.  In the end, it will forever be a defining memory.  I cannot thank you enough for that.
I cannot express enough gratitude and love for the experience you shared with me. This is a door opened and I am so intrigued to see what’s behind it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



I have been struggling with deep questions of who I am and what my role on earth should be. Being uncertain about these questions have caused me to feel constantly anxious, stressed, and unable to fully relax. I have tried many things to help clear my mind of all the clutter I have been experiencing, but nothing has worked.
Then, I began to work with Antonia Troiano. She is one of those few special human beings that most people will only meet once in a lifetime. After working with her, I was able to think clearly about what I need to be doing with my life. She knows how to speak directly to the core of a persons psychological, and spiritual, issues. After a few hours of consistent work I feel as though I have been liberated from my self-destructive behavior. I now have a much clearer picture of who I am and why I have made most of the decisions I have made in my life. This information is critical for those seeking to maximize their potential and give back to the world. A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. THANK YOU!!!!

Adam Spera


I had hypnotherapy and Reiki with Antonia and both were amazing! She helped me heal blocks i've had from childhood! She's super tapped in and gifted. Her love for helping people is genuine and you could feel it right when you meet her.  When Antonia treated me you can feel she knows what she's doing :)"


New Jersey

Antonia is 1,000% non-gmo organic pure RAW MAJYK!!!... She listened to "my story", held space for me, reflected me back to my self, and intuitively guided a breathwork and body work ceremony which was highly effective. Beyond that, she made herself readily available via phone/email/telepathy/etc. and her intentions to help strengthen those around her is undeniable. So happy to have her in my life.


Antonia you don't know how much I'm thankful to you…. I don't know how you came into my life, you don't know much I value you, I have been seeing very serious highest level psychoanalysts in my life I've gone to other countries for help in my life and none of them have helped me in the way you’ve been able to help me. You’re not from this planet, and Ican’t express enough gratitude to you.” can’t express enough gratitude to you.”

Sarah NYC

"I had been dealing with anxiety issues, particularly around a specific event, and never really felt safe discussing my issues with anyone. I decided to give Antonia a try, and felt immediately that I was in a safe place. Her energy, her tone, her words - everything came from a compassionate and solution oriented arena. I was able to open up and receive the direction I had been looking for. Antonia offered me many tools of which to work with and incorporate into my daily life, which has brought me great relief. Wonderful experiences with her!"

Victoria Chetta FLA

"Antonia has a courageous and loving spirit; very soothing. She is great at creating a safe space which allow for deep healing and process. I had a wonderful and profound experience with her."

Tom, NYC

"Antonia has the amazing ability to listen, but also the extraordinary power to make that each of us start to hear ourselves and make us realize that we have always the potential and skills to do whatever we have to do.
100% Recommended."

Nicko, Mexico

"My experience with Antonia was life changing. She was def born to help and heal others. Her power is electric in every sense of the word. Before my sesh with Antonia I was lost. Always wondering what the meaning of my life was. Depressed and very confused about many things. Thanks to working with her, I'm a happy person enjoying every day, one at a time. Antonia has such an amazing style simplifying some of life's complicated tasks. I highly recommend you work with her and you life will also change for the better. Every day is fulfilling and meaningful thanks to Antonia! BLESS"

The session I had with Antonia was incredibly peaceful and emotive. I felt very safe sharing my experiences with her, as my vulnerability was met with tenderness and so much compassion. I enjoyed tuning into myself and would not have been able to access such deep feelings without a guide like Antonia who was very perceptive. During this experience, I was reminded of the importance and transformative quality of healing work. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to meet with Antonia

-Dane, NYC

I am thankful to Antonia for holding a gentle, non-judgmental, and safer space during our time together. She helped me to feel at ease with expressing what was arising in the moment. Antonia is very skilled at utilizing Hakomi and other somatic practices to support someone on their healing journey.


- Butterfly

Learning from a master is such an incredible privilege, and Antonia is a true master. She has such an impressive breadth of knowledge and wisdom. Every lecture, every question answered and every live session was vibrant and yielded so much learning on my part. I am beyond grateful to have had access to her both a teacher and a healer.  

- love, Jeni Wishmeyer

My experience of my own soul opening through presencing, guided by Antonia, was orgastic, every cell pulsing in blissful rainbow Codes of consciousness.

As I surrendered to my emotional/somatic aliveness, I found myself opening deeper, I felt bliss...each moment taking me deeper within my very own rainbow luminescent Self. Teaching me through direct experience how to heal my/ourselves and our planet.

Cosmic. Magnificent. Heavenly .divine.

Not to mention, in the days / weeks That immediately followed the session. It was like HUGE enourmous blessings were bestowed upon my life. Everything feels blessed. Problems lifted. Abundance is open and showering me. Huge internal and external transformations.


with so much love, 


Overall, this retreat was a true blessing, each facilitator is a true Shaman in their own right and this group created a space that was organic in all aspects to soften the ego and open the spirit to remember that from which it came. I will never forget this experience and if anyone is seeking an experience in life to mark off of their bucket list ( as if one really exist because we all are creators) then this is the experience for you.


With great love and deep profound gratitude, I thank all facilitators and those that participated for their openness on this journey.


Joseph and Antonia are profound Shamans, healers and teachers. These beautiful beings guided me through my intimate journey with my soul and brought my awareness to heights I could have never imagined. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!


AHO! May love, peace, and blessings fill those that hear and truly experience this kind of healing work!


Love always,


Antonia’s method of teaching is organic, adept, and with a high level of skill and compassion. The sessions themselves allow for loving presence to experience myself in a way I haven't before. Sessions are very experiential. There is an expansive nature to the work, where I would learn a lot in sessions and then take it home and let it sink in and evolve over time. 

I came into the sessions with a narrow, specific intention and I feel like over the course of the year working with Antonia, I was able to grow closer to being me in a far more nuanced and wholehearted way than I could have imagined. Every session I came away with new insights about myself and my place in this greater dance that we are all in together. There were some surprising synchronicities as well. I am more at ease with my being and in how I walk forward in life than ever before. I have so much gratitude to Antonia. I feel blessed and honored beyond measure to have had the opportunity to be growing and creating together . <3


Hi Antonia,


I just wanted to share how impactful my sessions have been with you. Each time we meet I have such a release of emotion and it has really helped me to process and understand how childhood trauma continues to impact my life. That awareness is so healing and releases a lot of anxiety that I tend to carry around. Thank you so much - you are truly gifted and have an amazing healing power.



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