Antonia Talayeh

Antonia is an intuitive healer, energy worker and facilitator of transformational journeys.  

Creating sacred space, she guides you with exceptional safety and security throughout your paradigm shifts.

She holds you with love, compassion, grace and skill in becoming fully realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart’s intuition, and guideing you towards actualizing your highest potential. Through loving presence, curiosity, compassion and surrender she creates the spaciousness to integrate fragments of the soul, and impact your current reality to reclaim your wholeness creating new relationships with self & all.

Antonia has been practicing, and facilitating deep meditation journeys for many years, using various modalities. She has traveled and worked internationally, working in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers, and evolution with the Red Road Path in the mountains of Chile and internationally. 


My Personal Healing Story

My Transpersonal Coaching/Remembering/Empowerment Practice began with my own healing journey..... as curious student of life I am truly inspired by the incredible people I work with and all of the richness available in present moment connection.

From an early age, my curiosity, creativity and inspiration has guided me. As an empathic child, I would track the room, and feel the sensitivities of others.  As a teen growing up in NYC, the parks, the only green, were my refuge. Fascinated by the revelations, wisdom, teachings and patterns in nature as directly reflected in all forms of life helped me feel connected. Nature helped me to understand myself, through the metaphors and puzzles life and beyond.

I continue my learnings and discoveries through experiences with nature teachers, combined with intuitive resonance, acquired tools & practices. 

My mission and purpose is in helping people observe, access, and traverse present moment experience to learn from what's available in BEing - to love deeper.

Big changes happened for me in 2011.

 I had a successful Business, I was an educator in my field (Beauty and Fashion world), I helped in managing other peoples businesses, I had a nice apartment in NY, an active social life.... But inside I felt anxious, empty, tired, and disconnected.  

I was distracting myself with my over commitments at work and, with consumerism.....

My divorce woke me up to see the illusions. The stories and roles I had played into. During that time destructive patterns were showing up in my reality reflecting the wounds I carried within myself. 

I had been unconsciously creating circumstances and experiences to see my own hurts being reflected at me. I had felt my gift, was in my "strength" was in my ability to "handle it, hold it", to see potential and the best in everyone and everything.

I was exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster trip I was on. To "deal" I found myself on a cocktail of inappropriately and irresponsibly prescribed pharma drugs ( by a psychiatrist, a doctor, whom I could text for scripts).

I felt deeply inside, how wrong, and how dangerous this was. How terrible I felt. This was a huge illumination of what our culture is feeding us.  

I needed to make changes. I began working with a spiritual healer/elder and meditation teacher, Anne in NYC to unpack what I was experiencing. 

Blessedly, my ally elemental, fire guided me. Praying to it, respectfully, carefully, honestly, elements and guidance help me navigate.

I attended a mystery school and then decided right after to do a Darkness retreat/vision quest in Guatemala, I had a death experience in that Dark room.

I had 3 kinds of parasites and gut infections that had been progressing over that last year. 

 The teachings of these infections and bugs were about boundaries and looking for things from the outside to satiate some longing for love and validation. 

I began prioritizing and focusing with all of my being on my own spiritual practices and traditional Healing. It was in Mexico, I found my home.  I connected with incredible community.  I had never experienced anything like it. 

I Went to many retreats, and workshops, vipassana, detoxed, cleansed my gut, began working with plants again, committed to my healing, exploring delving deeply into my own self study.

Synchronistically, I met met my teachers in Mexico, Diamond and River of the Living Freedom Program. I'm forever grateful for the relationships/partnerships, mentors, shamans, healers and elders I work with which lead me to deeper love and magic beyond my knowing. 

I peeled the layers through hypnosis, regressions and meditation sessions and ceremony.

My understandings about my cellular memories, and the impact of collective trauma, and the unconscious became deeper and more profound and right there for me, clearly to work with.

Throughout my travels, and now, having both assisted and facilitated 1000's of ceremonies, I witnessed the profoundly powerful breakthrough experiences people were having.

This initial exposure and experience helped me understand my purpose and the responsibility I have in learning more about the nature of trauma, how to help process/sequence/ and integrate trauma, which is the root of what causes us, as a humanity, to do the things that hurt and unconsciously help at the same time.

Being born is traumatic. We as a humanity are enduring our own traumas. Trauma with a big T and trauma with a little t. Epigenetics, Collective Trauma, and these societal structures we have been born into create structures in consciousness that are showing up in the here and now. 

This became a priority. I've since devoted my life to studying, experientially training, understanding, practicing and implementing somatic experiencing, mindfulness, along with full sensory experiencing to access the multidimensional realms we operate from, and heal at a core level. 

I continue to live in curiosity and find so much satisfaction and joy in all the mysteries and surprises life has in store. Being in service fills my heart and soul. 


My Mission and love in life, are to support people to realize their essential nature, be who they are, know their gifts, live authentically, and lead an undefended life of fulfillment.

I am here to share more art, create more safe and sacred space for intimacy, connection, co- creation, community, and to communicate the way most of us humans hadn't been taught to.

To open spaces for new healing and integration experiences in one on one and group dynamics. 


  • Certified Professional Coach (CFT) Accredited International Coaching Federation & Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Leadership That Works. May 2015-May, 2016

  • Internal Family Systems 2016

  • Living Freedom 2014

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 2011

  • Rebirthing/Breathwork 2012

  • Hatha Yoga 200hr. 2016

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotist Through the CCH, NHG, Through The Center for Integrative Hypnosis 

  • Creative Expressive Movement Embodiment

  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Body Worker

  • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy 2yrTraining 2017-2019

  • Currently Enrolled in *Somatic ExperiencingTM* Through the Trauma Institute 

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