Antonia Talayeh

Antonia is an intuitive healer, energy worker and facilitator of transformational journeys.  

Creating sacred space, she guides you with exceptional safety and security throughout your paradigm shifts.

She holds you with love, compassion, grace and skill in becoming fully realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart’s intuition, and guideing you towards actualizing your highest potential. Through loving presence, curiosity, compassion and surrender she creates the spaciousness to integrate fragments of the soul, and impact your current reality to reclaim your wholeness creating new relationships with self & all.

Antonia has been practicing, and facilitating deep meditation journeys for 22 years, using various modalities. She has traveled and worked internationally, working in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers, and evolution in bridging modern western depth psychology medicine with alchemical integration methods of the ancients. 

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My Personal Healing Story

As a curious student of life I am truly inspired by the incredible people I work with and all of the richness, discovery , growth, intimacy, beauty and depth available in connection and relationship.

My path of remembrance began with my own healing journey.....

From an early age, my curiosity, inspiration and creativity has guided me. When I was a kid, i'd be tracking the room, and feeling the sensitivities of others. I was tracking who had big voices, who was quiet, or who went unnoticed. I had an innate orientation and soft spot for the fringes and inclusivity. As a teen growing up in Queens, I found my refuge in Flushing Cemetery surrounded by flourishing fauna and manicured gardens filled with bright pink azaleas in the spring. I spent a lot of time there. I was fascinated by Nature's webs of inter-relationality: the metaphors, secrets, the mysterious, and the obvious hidden inside those trees, plants, and souls.

Big life changes happened for me in 2011. 


I had a successful business. I was an educator in the beauty & fashion world in Manhattan. I managed other people's businesses. I had a wonderful home, an active social life.... but inside I felt lost, exhausted, and disconnected. I was distracting myself with consumerism and over-commitments in relationships and at work.....

A big heartbreak woke me up to the Maya and my part in it. I began to see clearly the stories and roles I had played into. I was living from wounded parts of myself, deep fears, beliefs of unworthiness, living threads of dysfunctional & ancestral family patterning, so much unconscious fear of abandonment.... The heartbreak was a gift. It was my soul's impulse to heal that patterning, to bring a deeper awareness toward those wounds within me. 

My life was a mirror. I had been unconsciously creating circumstances and experiences to see my own hurts externalised and reflected back at me. I could now see that my my greatest strengths were deep coping strategies for a much deeper pain: my "strength," my ability to see people's potential, the "best in everyone and everything,"and my ability to "handle it and hold it all." Deep down, it was actually codependence, a constant pattern to please and appease in order to avoid my core fear: abandonment.

I needed to make changes. I began consistently working with Anne, a spiritual healer, somatic therapist, elder and meditation teacher in Manhattan. Sitting in meditations, I was guided to learn from grandfather fire. The fire spoke to me. I prayed to it, made offerings, and incorporated it into different rituals. I released my"self" into it. It taught me how to pay attention, move slowly in process, and have the courage to deeply listen. I began to follow the flame in my heart and surrender myself to the Grace of God.

A dear friend and I decided to stuff our backpacks and get two plane tickets to Guatemala. No plan. We let the grace of synchronicity guide us the whole way. We met many kindred spirits and walked through some of the deepest darks. Coming back home to Brooklyn, I felt a deep calling. I had to go back to Guatemala. I gave away and sold much my belongings, left my job, sublet my apartment, and got on a plane. 


This time, in Guatamala, I was about to dive into a core initiation. I first attended a mystery school: Las Piramedes del KA. It was a fully immersive dive into a devoted meditation practice, kundalini yoga, Kabbalah, occult mysticism, deep silent retreat, and dream practices in astral travel and lucid dreaming. I also trained to become a bodyworker and received my Reiki attunement.

After the Mystery school, I felt an incontrovertible soul calling to take a vision quest, a darkness retreat. I was already established in a profound emptiness from being in my practices 8-10 hours a day. I was also physically weak and ill. I had a year's worth of parasites, E. coli, Giardia, and brutal gut infections. I saw clearly that these infections and bugs were, in their deepest sense, about my need for boundaries and a hole in my field, craving for external validation of love and self-worth. 


In that Dark room, my spirit rose up and hovered above my body. I saw my body below me before travelling through a portal of immense light, and hearing a sound akin to cicadas. It sounded like a cosmic reverberation, the sound of creation. I heard layers of chanting in a language unfamiliar to me, and yet totally familiar on a deep soul level. The face of a man appeared to me. And a voice repeated a name over and over again loudly. I become enveloped completely in the warm embrace of infinite peace, the deepest silence, in an infinite ocean of unconditional pure love. It was a feeling beyond surrender that words cannot describe. I died there that day and left a part of my old self behind. I knew, in that moment, that everything had changed. 

Grace guided me to my new home in central Mexico. I connected with incredible community.  I had never experienced anything like it. I steeped in my soul's uncoverings and in the unknown. I went to many retreats, workshops, Vipassanas, detoxed, cleansed my gut, began working with plant medicines again. I was fully devoted to growth, spiritual practices and discovery.

Synchronistically, I met my teachers in Mexico: Diamond and River Jameson of the Living Freedom Program.

I peeled back deep layers of conditioning through hypnosis, regressions meditation sessions and ceremony.

I fathomed the impacts of collective trauma, the depths of my cellular memories, and the unconscious. It all became crystal clear in front of me to work with. 


I'm forever grateful for the relationships, partnerships, mentors, shamans, healers and elders I have worked with who have led me to depths of love & magic beyond knowing.

Throughout my international travels, I assisted and facilitated 100's of medicine journeys. I bore witness to a great many profound breakthrough experiences that changed people's lives forever. These experiences helped me understand my purpose. I ever more deeply learned about the nature of trauma: how to help process, sequence, and integrate trauma. Being born is traumatic. We as a humanity are enduring our many traumas. I came to understand that we do the things we do because at the root is a core wound: deep personal, ancestral, and collective traumas that drive our behaviour and coping strategies.

After thousands of hours of medicine journeys, I knew that these powerful entheogens needed an integrative & holistic context. The journeys alone were powerful but without integration & trauma-informed therapy, the experiences could be fleeting or even re-traumatizing. Learning how to support people in processing trauma and developing an integrative framework became a priority. I've since devoted my life to the full integrative studies: somatic experiencing, parts work, Hakomi, presencing, Gestalt, the medicine wheel, vision questing, and many other modalities for navigating the multidimensional aspects of being and healing the core wound.

I continue my learnings, discoveries, expanding my toolkit, and living in curiosity. 


Being in service fills my heart and soul. It is my gift and mission to support people in realizing & embodying their essential nature to lead an undefended life of joy and fulfillment - to love deeper, and deeper, and deeper. 


I live and work in the Berkshires with my love Roger and our dog Quest the infinite. We live in community, co-creating sacred healing spaces, rites of passage, vision quests, retreats and events, couple's work, medicine journeys, men's and women's work - and re-weaving the tapestry of meaningful tribe and multi-generational connection in the remembrance of regenerative living.


  • Certified Professional Coach (CFT) Accredited International Coaching Federation & Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Leadership That Works. May 2015-May, 2016

  • Internal Family Systems 2016

  • Living Freedom 2014

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 2011

  • Rebirthing/Breathwork 2012

  • Hatha Yoga 200hr. 2016

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotist Through the CCH, NHG, Through The Center for Integrative Hypnosis 

  • Creative Expressive Movement Embodiment

  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Body Worker

  • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy 2yrTraining 2017-2019

  • Currently Enrolled in *Somatic ExperiencingTM* Through the Trauma Institute

  • Enlightened Feminine Leadership Training with Mukara Meredith

  • Founder and Chief Facilitator at The Rainbow Bridges School of Integrative Studies. An intentional learning community /cohort of facilitators and consciousness raising evolutionaries.  www.therainbowbridges.com