Retreats & Workshops

Retreats are offered in various locations.

Group of Friends

3-5 Day Small Group Immersives 

Berkshires MA

Custom Dates

Best Friends

One on One 3-5-7 Day Immersive Retreat

Berkshires, MA

Custom Dates

Happy Couple

Week-Long Couples Retreat

Berkshires, MA

Custom Dates

We offer an exclusive 3-7 day retreat for individuals and couples in the Berkshire mountains for those who want to deepen your connection to you self, body and soul. To catalyze creative breakthroughs, deepen self-understanding, work on your relationship with your partner or loved one and feel ready to make your next big ‘leap’ in life.

You will empower your essential Self and integrate limiting patterning that has been creating loops in life and relationships that are adaptations based upon unconscious fears and primary experiences.


This is a super special and powerful opportunity to meet yourself (and your partner) deeply in an immersive , expertly-guided setting, geared to facilitating positive outcomes like heightened creativity, clarity on next steps in your life, and general personal development.


Prior to your retreat, I will send you a form with a list of questions around your history, intentions, practices, relationships..etc


We will have at minimum 4 weekly zoom sessions to establish rapport crystallise intensions, practice deepening  in the experiential somatic healing sessions, work with prayer and process what arises. 

The entirety of these daylong sessions, including deep dive somatic healing, breath work, body work, ceremonies, activities and rituals

We will prepare you for the environment, people, and culture you will return to afterwards


We will have at minimum 4 sessions on video after your retreat to integrate the changes and insights you gained on your immersive retreat. 



-Day long immersive deep dive Somatic healing sessions  

-Breath work

-Body work

-Embodiment practices

-Ceremonies and rituals

-Lunch and snacks and dinner the days you are with me (all meals are organic whole foods. Meals are customised for you and what will support your body constitution.

-Solo time with suggested solo practices


Does Not Include:

-Housing- You will be in an air B and B close-by. I will make suggestions for you.

-Some of your meals will be your responsibility on the days you are on your own in your own sadhana in between the days we will be together.

-Transportation- You will need a car

-Exchange Rates above do not include the preliminary and integration sessions. Those sessions you'll book via calendlyl and pay for the session upon checkout. 


For Couples Work:

I work in tandem with my partner Roger. 

Each of you will have at minimum 3 preliminary Zoom sessions with each of us individually, and at minimum 2 couples sessions with you and your partner together with Roger and I. 

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