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Over the years, I hear people saying they come to the medicine to get a

“reset”, or a “tune up” a “Top up”..

Perhaps there’s a temporary relief, feeling of connection, lucidity.

Then, We might go back to doing more of the same in life.

The shiny new expansive experience of the self and shiny perception of reality dissipates, and boom, we are in pattern and more of the same merry go round…

we are at risk of perpetuating the same mistakes as humans. over consuming and being in our pattern giving our power away, looking outside ourselves toward someone or something outside ourselves to “fix” or “heal us”

Some psychoactive plant medicines are limited in resources, like iboga and ayahuasca. The rainforest is being annihilated and so are their ecosystems.

I hear many say they come to the medicine for the community for the love, and the heart connection…This last one is powerful..

It would be a dream if all communities had more people to come in and support in processing multigenerational trauma and empowering our humanity with psychoeducation and tools without having to use earth’s limited medicines unwittingly.

There are many articles I read that imply psychedelics to be a magic pill… how people come to evangelize them, which imparts overuse to a culture that has been schemed by way of quick fix dopamine response driven gratifications that have been proliferating addiction in our culture. Turning those addictive quick fix energies toward the use of imperiling plants and beings like Ayahuasca, Iboga and Toad medicine.

The glamorization of these very powerful medicines insinuates big promises without emphasizing, and highlighting the consequential significance of trauma informed skill sets, psychoeducation, survival strategy/character strategy education, navigation tools and understandings about what opening up these portals could and will entail. This is where the rubber meets the road in relation to harm reduction on all the levels.

How does this relate to addiction?

Addictions are directly related to trauma. Addictions are thought patterns, habits and distractions to help suppress feelings and emotions that in the past have been unacceptable and unsafe to feel. This denial of emotions is at the core of what so many of us have experienced as relational trauma.

Truly, what the soul is wanting is to illuminate the unconscious and have a direct experience of the divinity they are, of truth, to experience ourselves as our deepest essence and to reveal and heal what is at the crux of what we are afraid to feel.

The fears and somatic responses are oftentimes one the first things or at least the second thing we meet in medicine space.


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