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Sacred reciprocity is a vital note in the harmonics of existence. It is happening all the time whether we are conscious or unconscious of how we engage. We get out what we put in. We take something, we give something, we care for the earth, the earth is well, we are well. We don't, we get sick. Reciprocity is the key that restores balance to a presently imbalanced world. The way we have forgotten this essential principle has led to the extraction and extinction of indigenous peoples, indigenous lands, indigenous wisdom traditions, plants, amphibians and ecosystems, amidst the global expansion of psychedelics.

We are all a part of this web. In our relationship to the medicine, we are all inside of the conversation about supporting indigenous survival and thrival. This includes being a part of returning power, agency and resources to the original people.

You can make a donation when you notice the medicine blessing you and your life as an expression of reciprocity, or consistent donations to organizations supporting the initiatives to keep peoples, cultures, traditions alive and thriving.

Ancestral Heart, The Fountain, & The Way Back Home are organizations that are dedicated to the preservation and deeper understanding of ancient ritual and indigenous wisdom.

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