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The psychedelic journey itself is just one small aspect. Like a dream within a dream. The medicine informs our waking dream.

The kind of medicine that somatic therapy gives is the gift that keeps on giving. It supports the soul’s evolution multidimensionally.. Across all lifetimes, timelines and generations.

We can lessen consumption of limited resource medicines when we have the shapes, the maps tools and the DMT from the plants already in open communication and encoded in our biology.

The value, deep healing and wisdom gained in the preliminary and integration sessions help find shapes and somatically map, giving context and meaning. This creates bridges to what is wanting to be held, felt, and healed in the medicine space.

We’re working in a multidimensional somatic approach to deep healing rooted in an understanding of the silent language of the body.

By focusing on the moment-by-moment unfolding of our somatic awareness, it allows us to access the unconscious core beliefs that shape our response to trauma.

Somatic work holds the body to be a window to unconscious psychological material, and trained practitioners work to help those in therapy identify somatic indicators (chronic physical patterns, habitual gestures, bodily tension, etc.) of unconscious beliefs and then bring these indicators into awareness, thus aiding the process of change. Somatic therapy is a type of experiential psychotherapy in which the client's present experience is used to access “core material” such as beliefs, ...

We can learn how to how to work with our patterning and somatic/emotional memory to move from fragmentation through re-consolidation of past experience into the here and now, and into a new experience, new agreements and a new reality.

The practice in pacing, gaining the tools , becoming well versed in tracking, accessinging core material and being lovingly present with the fullness of our body as spirit and soul are the foundations that support the unfoldings the medicine brings to light….

Through the prep work and integration work, we know how to process and become aware of our pathologies and inner ecologies. This prevents any potential for retraumatization and actually anchors in new pathways and new connections authentic to our core.

Without this work, oftentimes people can stay in the patterns/survival strategies that coopt life and fuel our projections. This can cause people to keep consuming limited resourced medicine or look outside of themselves.. What Somatic Therapy does is empower our essence in a way psychedelic medicine alone can't.

In my work with many people and couples in the last 8 years of my practice, each person has been able to go so much deeper in the ability to navigate, receive, work with and inside of what the medicine is bringing.

It allows us the capacity to be present with more, to suffer less, and to understand how to converse with the consciousness of the medicine.

We get to have a direct experience in therapy in expanding awareness to include the fullness of direct experience with the sacredness of the wisdom and intelligence of the body and the messages it holds, which is truely psychedelic.

We get to have a direct experience in the fulfillment of what can happen, the possibilities of what can happen, as we inhabit our fully embodied experience inclusive of the wholeness of the moment.

We get to fill out, and occupy places we've been contracted from.

We explore the questions, How do I see and treat myself? What does that do to my body?

There is a universe of possibilities that can happen as we practice and welcome the body expressing beingness and having an experience of love for yourself and from others.. This is reconsolidation.

With adequate screening and preparation & integration in presencing practices in trauma informed somatic therapy we can learn,

Is working with medicine actually safe for me?

Is working with medicine going to be supportive to me and where I am in my process at this time?

Why am I doing this?

What are the questions I want to ask my soul?

What are my Intentions?

What offerings am I going to give?

Why is that important to me?

How do I imagine I’ll do it?

Among lots of other questions about health, history, relationships, family history, habits, resources, community, practices, diet, exercise etc..

I would love to be seeing more articles around the nature of trauma and equal support in working with medicine, what to look for in a facilitator.

What they should be asking you

If best practices were made available to people, and a safety standard was regular practice, there would be no casualties. No one would die or get hurt… maybe an ego death. But not leave the planet at the hands of malpractice, lack of preparation and abuse of power.

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