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We Are Our Ancestors

Your ancestors are in your cells, and they have gifts to give you. Our modern rejection of ancestral lines is one of the most ungrounding and unhealthy influences for the physical organism and energetic potency.

Your life is that of others. Remember, you are part of the tree, you are not separate from it. And what you do for yourself, you do for them.

Fulfilling the dreams of the past is to live fully in the present, to show that everyone is still alive in you, and that they are free in the freedom of your decisions. Using the past as experience, advice from the ancients, but not as determinants.

So your past will build your future. And by knowing the path you have traveled, you will discover the attitudes that your unconscious carries, and from its knowledge, you will be able to understand its logic, and thus transform them into new conscious actions that nourish your tree, and all humanity. And create a new story.

Contribution from, Roger Vanoro

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