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Year End Ritual

Ritual Practice

Year-End Completion & Intentions

An invitation to work with these questions any way that feels good to you..

Taking a life and soul inventory is the way we can take truly grasp and hold in our hand what we've learned and a way we won't have to repeat lessons, as this way of journaling and self tracking brings so much clarity and manifestational power <3

What were your most magical / meaningful moments?

What area was I most challenged this past year?

What are the biggest lessons and truths?

Disappointments & Regrets?

What did you put most time into?

What parts of yourself do you adore and want more of?

What didn't you do that you said you would do?

What are all the goals you accomplished?

What are you letting go of? What does that even mean to you? What are the false stories, patterns, belief systems, relationships, habits, addictions or ways of being in my life that are creating soul constipation or loops?

In what areas do I need to have more compassion and acceptance for myself and less judgment?

What was the title of my year?


DETAILS // Areas to Explore


1) Were you generally kind to yourself this year?

2) Did you grow in your appreciation of self?

3) Did you pursue growth by taking classes, reading books, or starting new practices?

4) Do you like who you are becoming?


1) Do you have regular spiritual practices? Meditation, fasting, prayer work, or giving gratitude?

2) Did you take time for reflection--in nature, or perhaps on solo retreat or travel? Did you spend enough time alone?

3) Did you exercise regularly?

4) Did you eat well?

5) Did you pursue health improvement? With practitioners or supplements, etc?


1) Did you invest in yourself? Classes, coaching, online programs?

2) Did you get feedback from family, friends, or teachers?

3) Did you study systems that helped you to understand yourself better?

4) List the breakthroughs you’ve had, the goals you’ve achieved, and the milestones you’ve reached this year:

Emotional Habits

1) How were you with boundaries?

2) Did you choose people to be in your life who add to your growth and happiness? Did these friends contribute to your positive state of mind?

3) Are there people you have outgrown, or relationships you need to change?

4) Did you regularly choose happiness?

Emotional Lifestyle

1) Did you have fun?

2) Did you have activities that brought you pleasure and upliftment?

3) Did you experience inner peace regularly?

As a Spiritual Person Doing Business

1) Do you feel in integrity with your business/practice/offering?

2) Do you need to rekindle your dream?

3) Did you create balance between the personal /business/practice aspects of your life?

4) Are you approaching your work/business/practice from a place of love and expectation, or from one of duty and dread? If it's the latter, what do you need to do to change it?


Tune into what you desire to fulfill in this next upcoming year

This process is not like traditional goal setting, it is not a list, this is an invitation to go beyond your rational mind and into the depths of your soul's desires. An invitation to tune into what is there waiting to be created by you

Now, crossing through the gate of change.

Express to the universe what it feels like to receive what you have asked for, and to be living and experiencing your desires. What is the essence of the qualities you desire to live in 2023? Health, Abundance, spiritual growth, charity, fun and experiences, daily rituals…etc

What choices and commitments could I make to support myself to experience those qualities? What do I imagine would deepen my experience of those qualities? Habits you'll acquire/reinforceCharities, contributions, books you'll read, studies, courses, trainings…

What can I offer to life that will serve the flourishing and betterment of the whole of life? What can I offer that will serve the highest good of all ?

Places I would like to travel:

2023 (3 Years):

2025-30 (5-10 Years):

For this ritual,

I like to make offerings, with honey, fruits, corn, spirits, water, tobacco, sweet grass, flowers, crystals, totems, and medicines, songs… Holding a prayer in honor of growth, wisdom, truth, joy, lightness of heart and spirit, clarity, empowered choices actions & congruence.

May we honor ourselves, Gaia, Oranos, all beings, our ancestors, all the directions and the wisdom they hold.

May we take care of ourselves and eachother in good ways, May we have patience, trust, ease, and walk in right relationship through our thoughts, words, and deeds. May we nurture our inner children, play more, laugh more, and create more art and COlaborate. May we be forgiven for our shortcomings, may our blind spots be revealed in good ways, and may we transform and release our burdens well.

With Love,


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