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6 Months 1:1Accelerator Mentorship  Embodied Creative Power & Leadership 

  • Are you feeling stuck or confused in your relationships, emotions, spirituality, or professional development?
  • Are you feeling trapped in loops of patterns, thoughts, habits, behaviours, or relational dynamics, despite numerous attempts at change?
  • Have you invested lots and lots of time, $ and energy on therapy, retreats, and trainings, yet lack confidence in your capacities to serve?
  • Are you experiencing some momentum in your life, but questioning the purpose of your endeavors?
  • Are you holding space for others but longing to be held and witnessed as you are on the brink of  your own evolution?
  • Are you feeling a greater calling, yet uncertain about its specifics?
A lotus in a pond

As we heal the past &
unlock the patterns,
we reveal the future.

6 months to truly transform & open doors in any chosen aspect of your life.

Choose 1-3 of the following domains for your mentorship

☬Emotional empowerment  

  • Overcome self-sabotage, develop emotional intelligence, gaining wisdom and a grounded, centered presence.

☬ Stepping into your greater calling  

  • Align with your heart's truth, clarify your calling and purpose, excavate resources, unravel doubts and subconscious blocks, and find lasting passion in your unfolding. 

☬ Psyche self mastery 

  • Master your mind, emotions & subconscious so you can skillfully guide your life and communicate from wisdom.

☬ Opening your intuitive gifts  

  • Step into your power, awakening your whole being for heightened self-awareness.

☬ Deep healing  

  • Liberate old patterns and stagnancies from this lifetime, ancestors, and past experiences.
☬ Birthing a creative project
  • Opening + allowing your creative gifts, leading with authenticity, integrity & grace.

Preparing for your next level relationship  

  • Expand your capacities to relate + communicate, to become more accessible and responsive, navigate conflict, and mutually meet each other's needs at a new level.


☬ Upleveling yourself in your current relationship

  • Transform relationships, 10x intimacy, and enter the next stage of personal development.

Maturing in your embodiment to serve

  • Cultivate confidence, trust instincts, and adopt new awakened habits and practices that will change your life and your capacities.

If you're ready for a genuine leap in your chosen domains,

I'm here to serve you.


I can meet you in a new way by providing a soulful space for your expansion


(not outside in, not forced growth) - We don’t grow by force, we don’t pry the petals open. We bloom, we open from the inside out. In our work together, you learn to meet your subconscious mind, to fathom its depths and you gain a lifelong capacity to meet, recondition, and transform your deep psyche… from the inside and bring that out.


 I can meet you at the deepest level, the subconscious conditioning. This is where our deepest patterns, shadows, pains, anxieties, self-sabotages, limiting beliefs, hidden needs, fears, impulses, and blocks reside - and they can be difficult to access, meet, or transform. It can be like a hair in the back of your mouth or an itch you can’t scratch - something that is outside of the purview of your prefrontal cortex


All of you is welcome here. This is a modality of wholeness that embraces depth psychology to NLP to traditional wisdom to psychedelic insights….Learning to embody and integrate power, love and wisdom within you. 


I can meet you where you’re at with compassion, care, and non-judgement - and I also know how to invite new clarity, hold you to your best when needed, and lead with curiosity.

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A Dynamic Curriculum for your custom journey. 

This cycle unfolds in repeated mini-cycles (within sessions) and
meta-cycles (as the session arc) throughout your 6 months.

1. OPENING CEREMONY  Planting your acorn.


  • We begin by discerning the contours, goals, and context of your path.

  • Through an opening ceremony, we guide you into the transformative journey, providing support and direction.

2. DISCOVERING YOUR ROOTS  Growing down to grow up. Heal your foundations.


  • Delving into the subconscious, we explore the watery, fiery depths of your shadow—the suppressed, denied, and judged aspects.

  • Reclaiming power, acknowledging unmet needs, and meeting your hidden gifts. 

  • Heal and reunite with missing experiences.

3. MAPPING THE TERRITORY — End of blocksThe rise of your self-awareness.


  • Embarking on a subconscious exploration, we uncover profound revelations about hidden driving forces in your life. 

  • Tracing these patterns in the body, in the present moment, we will understand the exact ways your history has been influencing you in your daily life.

  • Between session one & four, you will receive an included True Will Reading with Brian Moon (more on this below), and we will integrate these discoveries.

4. EMERGENCE — Grow the branches of your truth and insight.


  • New ideas, insights, and paradigms emerge. We will expand and anchor these new insights as they happen. 

  • We will explore new ways of being that contrast with past habits.

  • And in this way, we will hone your authentic path, concretizing insights into skillsets, visions, and strategies.

  • At key moments, we may deepen + embody the process with customised psychomagic homework, art, or rituals.

5. SKILLSETS + PSYCHO-EDUCATION — Stack your toolbox for flow + freedom

  • Depending on your chosen areas to focus on, I will provide different skillset training + psycho-education.

  • How to meet the missing experience of your core pattern in daily life. 

  • Learning how to identify your needs and those of others. 

  • How to disidentify with the inner critic and deeply ingrained voices and habits.

  • How to communicate responsively and on many levels with the people that you love. 

  • How to connect with people and lead in your work in new emotionally skillful ways.

6. RE-CONDITIONING — The end of an era. The rise of your Oak tree.
  • Discovering past patterns, we disconnect old limitations and associate well-being with new patterns.

  • Becoming pattern designers, we rewire and condition in empowering beliefs aligned with your life vision.

7. HARVEST — The celebrated time to integrate.
  • Approaching the journey's culmination, we weave together insights about self and the world.

  • We will review, celebrate and affirm the core insights, shifts, and identities.

  • Review how you will share your voice and authentic experience with others.

  • Integration occurs on the second-to-last call (session 11) with you, me, Brian, and Amanda.

8. RESURGENCE — Honor your inborn destiny
  • Become a confident ambassador of your gifts. 

  • Design your 'What's Next?' plan.

  • The final session is a sacred rite, a customised ritual marking your passage, shedding the old and embracing your new identity.

You are the mighty oak tree



Our calling in life is inborn and  it's our mission in life to realize its imperatives.  

Our lives are formed by a particular image, just as the oak's destiny is contained in the tiny acorn.

-James Hillman

Welcome to Your Accelerator Mentorship

Once you know where you’re going, the inner journey becomes much easier. Without a map of your patterns, you may have been walking in circles for years. With a map, you can find your way home.

Welcome to the next chapter of your life...

Misty Forest Reflection

What's Included


Rooting in to branch ou


Through Ontodelic Inquiry™ practices, guided journeys, and a diverse array of embodiment approaches, I will support you over the course of these 6 months to take your chosen domains to a new level. Each session will be experiential, expansive and sometimes mystical, as well as grounded, practical and transformational.


After each session you will receive a transcription and recording of your session, including soul guidance received, as well as resource materials, guided journeys, and recommended practices to strengthen your intuition and tap into your guidance in between sessions.


We will have a weekly mini check-in via voice note for the duration of your program.This is an open door to further support in between sessions, and is especially useful to get guidance, ask questions, or check in on major in-the-moment insights. I will also share with you voice note reminders of what your body has asked for you to work with from the previous session ​to focus & catalyze inner reflection, growth and self-realization.


with Brian Moon "All that is visible, must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible. 
Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the cosmic order."  
-Hexagram 50 of the I Ching

True Will astrology grew out of Brian's realization that the occult principle of the True Will--or the soul's purpose--has a discernible astrological signature.
By combining Pluto-centered Evolutionary Astrology with a disciplined use of Sabian Symbols, and an unusually intensive and collaborative approach to dialogue with you, Brian has found again and again that the True Will can be discovered and articulated in a way that rings deeply true.  Brian believes that knowledge of one's True Will should not be limited to a tiny elite of esoteric occultists. True Will astrology democratizes the knowledge of the True Will, making it available, in principle, to everyone. You'll meet with Brian Between sessions 2-4. Brian will be on the call for Harvest session number 11 as well.


with Amanda Holhstein, @Divine Heart Communication. Through communication with Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters we bring forth a unique and personal session tailored to meet you where you are on your path and to shine light on where you are going. You'll meet with Amanda between sessions 6-9 

Amanda will also be present on your 11th session the Harvest, to retro-prospect your journey and support in bringing home all the gold you've gained and celebrate where you are and where you are going.


I’ll be teaching you my own personal techniques for tuning in and the specific tools and techniques I have used in my professional career as an intuitive soul coach over the last decade. You won’t find what I teach you anywhere else.

In the practice of Ontodelic inquiry, you will access a somatic depth and transformative power unlike any other.

There’s a curiosity, care, and interest in what’s alive for you, your current process and the subtle + large movements of your life and soul.

Harness the past for a new future.

For more than two decades, I have dedicated myself to honing and expanding diverse and dynamic skills.

I bring a relentless passion for hacking matrices and uncovering core obstacles hindering personal change.

My clients say I embody the convergence of profound cosmic truths, blending clairsentient intuition, therapeutic skill, soul, and down-to-earth practicality. 

With 20+ years of direct experience with and learning about non-ordinary states of consciousness, coupled with years of training and work in somatic psychotherapy and body-based practices, I offer a unique approach.

  • What sets me apart is my unique integration of past (subconscious patterning), present (depth awareness), and future work (reconditioning + new skills).

  • Employing the body-based mindful awareness of Hakomi + Somatic Experiencing

  • Reconditioning the deepest patterns with NLP and Integrative hypnosis.

  • Bridging gaps and transforming blocks between emotions, the body, and the beliefs and messages they hold.

  • Illuminating your truths and tooling you up with the skill to shape your own subconscious and your aspirations. 

  • Supporting you in embodying new states of being and inspired action.

The wisdom I walk with is rooted in personal experience, trials and trainings. 

  • Hundreds of one-on-one in-person journeys with clients

  • Over 30 retreats

  • My husband Roger and I work with couples, offering a 6 month-long online deep dive couples immersive. 

  • 22 years directly serving thousands of people in moving towards a life of love, purpose, and fulfillment.


I serve seekers and seers, healers, artists, leaders and entrepreneurs - and I support my clients to pave the way for turning their next dreams into reality.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

I can see the acorn in the oak tree

I see the growth, the rebuilding, the restoring.

I see that is the American psyche.

There is so much we can draw understanding from.

One of the lessons is the development of courage.

Because without courage, you can't practice any of the other virtues consistently.

- Maya Angelou

Michael Wright, Coach

Healing presence is a real thing. I’d actually say it’s the highest thing. Antonia is a channel for that. Words, pointers, and experiences in a therapeutic relationship are helpful - yet, it’s that healing presence that clicks in the relationship and allows major shifts to occur. Grateful that Antonia is an agent of that in the world.

Matt Reinheardt, Therapist

My work with Antonia has been nothing short of completely life transforming and soul shifting. She embodies a loving presence and container of safety of the highest level. Our therapeutic work together continues to allow for the unfolding of my life's purpose and soul's evolution at a profoundly accelerated rate. Antonia radiates pure love and wisdom. She is absolutely magic. I have learned so many invaluable tools from her guidance and teaching and our experiences together. I am beyond honored and blessed to have her in my life as a guide, friend and ally on the soul's journey!

Kristen Willow, Facilitator

This journey has changed the trajectory of my life.Antonia’s method of guiding is organic, adept, and with a high level of skill and compassion. sessions are very experiential I came in with a narrow, specific intention and I feel like over the course of time I was able to deepen into myself to in a far more nuanced and wholehearted way than I could have imagined. 

Image by Tim Hüfner





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Shoulder to shoulder,
we thrive tall
with our shared callings & heartbeats

Nurturing the world we know to be true.

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