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The Heart of Transformation

A Relational Method of Mindfulness Based Assisted Self Discovery 

A series of two 3 day weekend trainings

May, 2023

For coaches, facilitators, teachers, healers, practitioners, body workers, psychedelic guides, therapists and clinicians

ASD is a gentle and profound inquiry practice that teaches a step by step approach to being with all of our inner states with curiosity and compassion.

It supports coming to know ourselvs more deeply,  builds our capacities to hold the paradoxes of life and in a more healing way, with an exceptionally attuned way of being with difficult, divided states, including inner critics and restrictions around energy flow.


ASD supports shift and change in even deeply entrenched tenacious states.

​In this training we discover nourishing experiences that we are not having in present time due to old, imprinted belief systems. ​We discover our inner collection of selves, who play a role in organizing our experience to affirm the old implicit, adopted, belief/truth. 

We practice authentic relating and present moment experience for clues about implicit beliefs and the reactions and strategies that influence our Life Experience.

In weekend 1 of Assisted Self Discovery (ASD) is aimed at developing and deepening an embodied relationship with the felt sense, and adds the dimensions of working with feelings, emotions, sensations and experiences we merge with, supporting us to differentiate from those states, and developing a relationship with an observer that can support these states. What is missing in most of our relationships to self other and the world is curiosity over defense and the inner and relational conditions that support the emergence of what is unconscious, what is wanting to heal meeting those moments with empathy and integration of the needs of these states, ultimately supporting more organic change.

We will work in dyads and practice. There will be demos as well. 


In Weekend 2, we deepen into working with Presence, Trauma, Parts work, with demos and practice experiential exercises to deepen your embodiment and self knowledge, and to practice holding space applying ASD inquiry practices in partner work including working with Inner Critics,  the states that are being criticized. 

 Why is it important? 

  • To help heal and empower ourselves, & our relationshipS

  • To support our clients in healing core wounds, and supporting them in making whats unconscious conscious

  • Creating the conditions necessary for whats emergent to be met and explored safely for healing to organically happen trusting the wisdom of the body, and flowering of the soul. 

  • To support you as the guide to hold space in a way where you have a good sense of your own maps and internal experience and to be able to communicate from there. You can only take people as far as you've gone yourself. 

  • To experience visceral self knowledge, 

  • To Strengthen you skills in mapping survival strategies

  • To build trust in your intuition 

How do we do it? Through The Practice of:

  • Loving Presence, connection and authenticity,

  • Curiosity over defense

  • Empathy & contacting statements

  • Active & generous listening

  • Exploring interpersonal realms and the soma​​

  • Relational exercises & special experiments in action

  • Meditation & inquiry practices

  • Movement

  • & The spiritual support of the group / complex systems consciousness


The Heart Of Transformation will touch the very core of your being and bring soul-utions to areas of imbalance, as well as providing tools you'll work with forever....

First Weekend  

May 2023,

Berkshires MA  

Exact Dates TBD  

Friday, Sat, Sun 10-6:30

  • Principals

  • Understanding, practicing and mastering mindfulness, awareness, presence

connection and authenticity ​

  • Creating a safe container

  • Agreements

  • Practicing Tracking

  • Practicing Verbal Prompts

  • Practicing Accessing

  • Practicing Experiments in session

Second Weekend  

May 2023 datesTBD

Berkshires MA

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-6:30

  • Working with Strong Emotions 

  • Internal Family Systems Parts Work

  • Taking Over for Parts

  • Psycho Magic / Psycho Drama / Gestalt

  • Practicing Experiments in session

Organic Vegetarian Lunch Included 

Housing not included 

You can find places to stay nearby:

Hotels /Motels/ B&B's 

Air b&b's

There are options to stay on location in the shared house- space is limited

No public transport closeby, you'll need a car.


Tuition $1,250 

If you want to stay on location: 

Room 1- Shared room 2 twin beds $50 a night

Room 2- Queen $80 a night

Room 3 Queen $80 a night

Room 4 Fulll $75 a night 



The Rainbow Bridges 
Year long Immersive

Retreats and Advanced Facilitation 

for Consciousness Raising Evolutionaries

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