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Expansion and Contraction

Expansion and contraction takes place every moment. If you observe a child there it is in plain sight

We are in a multi fold expansion and contraction pulse

fast pulses slow pulses

there’s pulses that we won’t ever leave and be able to be aware of with the conscious mind because they’re inconceivable

We travel inward again

What we have learned is brought back through all the levels of our field - through our thoughts, personalities,

new gift bring light into our individuality.

Many times we experience pain because it evokes memories.

It evokes energy and consciousness that have not been clear

In the beginning we go through layers and levels of emotional pain.

It’s important for us to remember to move the pain through our bodies and finish out the expression. We’ve been taught to stuff our feelings and compensate for all our younger parts and patterns.

We get to experience the fullness of the expression and be the witness at the same time

It’s all in our body, we can allow our facial expressions, breath, movement, sound, to guide us, to follow it through

to continue to bring the light of understanding to see it through…. all of the disappointments, betrayals, fears, sadness, grief, that we’ve experienced in our lifetimes

We get to become one with the pain and the observer of the pain we get to become the ones who are involved with this pain in us

through this, love is born

we bring it down into the child place

love touches the original wound

and the healing begins and continues across all lifetimes timelines karmas and dimensions.

it continues down to the CoreStar the essence of who we are

we get to sit there with the mother and Grace.

We get to feel full

we get to feel nourished

we get to push away as the inner cup is full

having been born out of love having re-consolidated the memory

it moves into its own

we feel individual self and body with more love for ourselves

with more understanding of ourselves

the young one understands its value it feels love for others and for itself it moves outward

the child receives love and validation back from others

Loving validation brings courage as the child’s conscious awareness expands through divine will true will rather than from false will

It feels wholeness and divinity pleasure and joy.

The child moves out through the far reaches of the universe

out to that which is in called the father

once again approaching fusion

the inner self moves through the manifest universe creating more life as we go bringing the gifts that the individual self has manifested to the universe this is the creative process

We create our world around us through expansion stasis and communion with the universe and contraction stasis in communion with the interior back-and-forth back-and-forth

The contraction stasis in communion with our internal interior individuality it’s the I am

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